Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Knitting is a World

Everyone has something that they know a ton about and always look up more about.

Mine is knitting.

I can never seem to get enough. It's crazy, because I will look up on my computer other techniques and more patterns and what's going on in the knitting world (Vogue Knitting Live, the Rose City Yarn Crawl, PGH Knit & Crochet, Steel Valley Yarn Crawl, etc). I feel like I'm looking things up and reading and picking out what I want to do more than I am knitting right now. Which is crazy! I'm planning to knit and create all of these things, and I'm not knitting as much as I used to. It's a weird thing to realize when you want to create so much, but enjoy the process so much.

Knitting creeps into all aspects.

Do you know I have it bookmarked on my phone, since summer, a page full of books that have knitting as the main subject? There are knitting mysteries! I'm not sure I want to know what I could do with a knitting needle that could make it a crime... This ensued because when I went to the Chambersburg Ice Festival last year, I found the book Knitting Under the Influence. 1- it's hysterical! 2- totally addicting. Of course there are others out there; The Friday Night Knitting Club, Knit Two, and I'm currently reading Knit the Season. Not as addictive as Knitting Under the Influence, but because I know the characters, it feels good reading their story.

Now I have been creating a lot of things lately, and these beer cozies are just too cute. They're easy, fun, and so quick! You can make them so many different ways!

I made these for my man and his friends. They brew beer together, and they're getting pretty good, I'm not going to lie. Their first beer wasn't my favorite too bad, but each beer gets better and better. They made a pumpkin beer that I think was my favorite thus far, but their Christmas beer was good too! Lots of spices :)

But back to my knitting. I love that it can be a part of everything. And that I can make it a part of anything.

Now, I'm heading off to a Sip & Knit with some good knitting friends :)

Until next time,

<3 Carly

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Holiday Knitting Insight

I really am a "knit for love" kind of person. I love being able to knit something that someone can wear over and over. I also love seeing how much they love their new handmade item. That means a lot to me. The people that I know appreciate it, I knit for those people more. The ones that don't care, or aren't really going to wear it, they don't get the items after my first time knitting for them (which was technically a mistake in the first place, they didn't want something knitted). Giftcards for those folks next time!

My holiday knitting this year went pretty well. I usually start really early, and this year that was not the case. I took on my one commissioned project, and didn't start it early enough. But finished it right in the nick of time to be right on track to finish all my other Christmas gifts.

Now I don't want all of this to sound harsh or misleading, it's just that a craft that takes hours on end deserves to be loved. And that's why it is so simple to say, I knit for love. :)


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Blog Life

I've been wanting to blog more on a regular basis always. It's hard to always do something, sign in to 17 different accounts and make yourself be apparent on every level of social media. I recently did a Google search of me, and I have a lot of things out there. I've done a lot! I liked that I had done so much, but then I was a little sad that I haven't been documenting as much lately. I've done a lot more baking and cooking and knitting! Let's try to catch you up just a little bit ;-)

I'm not going to completely update you in detail from every event, but quick tidbits. Here is the yarn I bought in Chambersburg. The Yarn Basket had just been taken over by their new owners, and they couldn't have been sweeter! Also, I of course said I was with the ice carving crew and the one woman that helped me out the most while I was there, said she hadn't been in years! Well don't you know it, she came down to the square and saw the ice. Even remembered me! It was an awesome feeling. The knitting community is always connecting.

With the yarn from that shop, the silky wool, I made my own Striped Study Shawl! Even after I made mine, I got a few new friends that are making it now! It is really cozy, and since I made it mostly in cold weather, I have dubbed it my bonfire shawl. =)

In March I went to the Knit & Crochet Festival! It was my first time, and it was awesome!! Got some really nice things, and shockingly haven't knit any of them yet. Feeding the stash is normal, haha! Though I totally use the mustache project bag all of the time. And I almost didn't get that! It has been a lovely thing to have for my small travel projects.

Luna is always being cute. Just had to squeeze her in there :)

Handsome had a period of time where he grew his beard really long, and I was totally a fan ;) hehe.

I love making breakfast for myself on the weekends when I have a little bit more time, and this was probably the best one. It is a chocolate chip cherry bread used for french toast, with fresh local berries and maple syrup. YUM!!!

We toured Great Lakes Brewing Company and it was a blast! Got to spend the day with family, and the evening with friends. Lots of fun :)

I made 2 of these bad boys! The Anders sweaters. Both of my girl cousins (my only girl cousins), are pregnant at the same time! One should be due any day now, and the other in late October/early November. They are both having girls and I naturally had to make the same thing so that there couldn't be discrepancy of one getting more love, haha. These are great sweaters and I cannot wait to see the little ones wearing them! =D

I went to my first Stitch & Pitch! Handsome had loads of fun too ;)

Then I actually did the Steel Valley Yarn Crawl!! Hit all 7 shops in 10 days. A taunting task I must say, but totally lots of fun. Look at all my loot! Lots of Christmas gifts in there. Don't be deceived, haha.

I finished Handsome's socks! Finally!!! He wears them already and I just love it :) hehe. TRULY the best to knit for.

I leave you with a lovely picture of me modeling my Striped Study Shawl. This also shows off how long my hair truly is right now. I will be chopping it off and donating it soon. Cannot wait for a new look, and also just new hair do's available. I know everyone thinks I need my long hair, but truly, it's just up all the time because I don't know what else to do with it right now!

Until next time, <3 Carly =)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Traveling Ice & Knitting Souvenirs

Well it's been a couple weeks and it's time to share more ice festivals and my knitting souvenirs. My man likes to remind me that these weekends are not a couples retreat. I know this. He's a very dedicated man, yet I don't think he realizes that I love to travel and check out new places just as much as he does. It's just an awesome bonus that I get to visit all these splendid yarn shops =).

Now last weekend, Ligonier was our stop. My man's birthday just happened to be one of those days, which I think is very fitting.

I drove up Saturday morning (it's usually a short drive, but if you remember 2 weekends ago, the weather was having a lot of fun). I found him carving a cake! I'm not going to go into detail how many times people asked both of us what this cake meant... It was an ice carving folks, enjoy the ice carvings!

My handsome then went to the center of The Diamond to carve a rooster this year! It was very cute.

Hard at work he was. I think he worked on it for 2 hours. Had some help in the end to finish it off. Look how nice it turned out!

I think he did a fabulous job =).

The other carving that I absolutely thought was adorable were the turtles. Here is James working on them.

They had a lot of detail and I think more than he originally anticipated. They turned out lovely though.

I like to get awesome pictures of the ice getting torched. I think I did a good job with the fire being captured, haha.

Now I didn't get there in time to capture Rob and Thomas I believe, who worked on the throne, but look how fitting it is for all of us! Haha ;-)

Ligonier is the closest festival to the ice house, so it makes it super easy for family to come down. Handsome's mother and sister came down for the 1st day and enjoyed themselves until they got frozen, haha. EVERYONE was frozen by the end of the day. It's a long day up there.

Thomas here just looks so ex-tactic to be torching the hearts. =) BIG SMILES!!

I just love when I capture all of the motions. Look how covered in snow he gets! Hehe, I love it.

Old man turned out great. Lots of help all around. They are all a great team. Ryan was trying to act like his superior and it worked for the papers! But we all know better ;-).

Joe and Chris worked hard on the Lighthouse. It turned out quite lovely.

This last carving of the day was a lot of team work and just look at the dedication! Hehe, I love my man.

It's a pheasant. Now let's break from all the ice and talk about knitting. Up in Ligonier they have an adorable little yarn shop called Bo-Peep Fine Yarns. Truly, if you are a knitter and you love a good yarn shop where you can sit by the fire, this shop has 2 fires! I actually went to the shop twice in one day. I meant to go up Sunday too, but it took even longer to get up there Sunday because of the roads not really being cleared. I watched the speed carving competition. But again, this is about knitting! This shop has a great variety and they were very helpful. We're now friends on Ravelry and I was so inspired by this shawl.

The yarn they used was Silky Wool and I so wanted to get it, but I found Tosh Sock and I can never pass up on more of that addictive stash substance, haha. I'll come back to this shawl and Silky Wool though, no worries.

Luna felt left out so she is posing with the yarn, colorway MALA and some Addi Turbo needles I picked up. The yarn has so many earthy tones in it that I would love to have some sort of sock pattern filled with leaves or something to capture the earthy tones with an earthy inspired pattern. The search begins.

Well last Saturday was Handsome's birthday and we went OUT! This restaurant in Lawrenceville called CURE. It was delicious! We started off with a large appetizer of cured meat (get it, cure? ;-) I'm so corny).

Look how excited he is (and how handsome, I just love his smile. Him in general ;))! Haha, we were all excited. The sad thing is we all couldn't sit together, and I didn't get a big group picture, but here were the guys and then the girls at our table.

An adorable group and it was really nice to catch up with friends we don't get to see that often. Our tables were pretty great at sharing food as well. Me and Hope tried the Skate, and if you have never heard or tried it, TRY IT! It is a fish that taste like scallops. SO GOOD! My man and one of his besties, Ribs, had a duck dish and thoroughly enjoyed it. Bob had the squid pasta and it looked divine. Then Taylor had something that had an egg on her dish, it was good as well. And if we were not stuffed enough we all got dessert to share as well! We managed to finish it somehow, haha. It was a great night for sure. =)

The next day was more ice carvings though! I got there really just in time. They all started carving and I cheered my man on hard, but had to take in all of the sculptures and really see how the competition was doing. My man did a Unicorn. Ernie did a classic Snowflake. Joe did the popular Mockingjay (from the Hunger Games). And Rob did some Deer with heart inspiration I believe. Now I really did take lots of laps.

Started off with watching my man. They had only 30 minutes to do the carving.

Ernie was carving away at that snowflake! It went so fast but it turned out just lovely.

Rob's section was rather crowded, haha. He gets a lot of family that comes up for the speed carving competition. It turned out lovely, but I'm sad I didn't get any of him actually carving! Haha

Joe did a fantastic job. And I really thought he'd get a lot of votes for popularity.

And here is the finished Unicorn by my man. It was actually the first time he carved a Unicorn! A lot of the crowd was impressed. He's been carving for 14 years. Well I bet you are all wondering who won right?

Drum roll please!!!!

My man did!!! WITH 92 VOTES!!! Yeah, it was a landslide =)

Now I want to continue but there is a lot of things that happened in Chambersburg so I must continue that another time. Hopefully tomorrow night, but not sure if I'll be able too. I'll try.

Until next time, <3 Carly. Though I will leave you with our after ice festival dinner. This picture just captures us beautifully =)