Wednesday, January 31, 2018


I've been consistently working on 3 projects and have borrowed a knitting machine. I haven't finished anything hand knit yet, but I have already made 4 hats and counting with the knitting machine.

As I've said before, my man is an icecarver. The machine makes double layered hats and these are best for snow flying and melting on a hat. And they're so fun to make. They tend to like lots of colors and what not, so I can play with lots of yarn, but still make a hat in 30 minutes!

In other news, I work 6 days a week, and I'm tired. I need to brush my hair and get ready for my night of work. Rawr.

As always,

<3 carly

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Resolution in 2018

Hello Blog World!

As always, I would like to blog more. After the stressful holiday buzz and extreme cold front, I would like to focus back on my knitting. Specifically my knitting that I haven't finished. My new years' resolution for 2018 is to finish my projects in 2018. I have quite a few. Some I've started recently, some I started years ago.... It's embarrassing. I love knitting! Truly! But it makes me sad to think of how much I want to knit and how much isn't done. Which is probably adding to my stress just a bit.

My stress comes from, wedding planning, wedding prep, trying to pay my bills, work, working enough, cleaning enough, presentation, being a good person, snuggling the cat enough, haha, all the typical stuff.

I believe finishing these projects will assist me in feeling accomplished, I can then show them off as well! Because all of these items are things I want! I casted them on with the intent to use them!

For example, my Christmas Stocking. I made my fiance's stocking while I was in college. He's had it for nearly all our Christmas's together. I started my in, let's see, August of 2015 according to Ravelry... That's depressing, it's 2018. Maybe I'll have it by next Christmas (something I say every year!). So now I'm going to make it a reality. Because these are my projects for the year. Some are closer to being done than others. And these are all the projects in my project basket in my living room. I may have some more upstairs in the yarn stash, but we'll start with these. Some are gifts, some are shop samples, but most are for me. I would like to get them done because let's be real, I have so much to knit and time is precious.

Here's a photo of my project shaming, because I know you want to see how many projects I have here.

So what I have in this photo is:
1 summer tank top, in a beautiful cotton and linen blend.
A pair of Jolly Roger socks for the handsome man.
A Pi Shawl in the beautiful biggie and Rhinebeck haul from Dancing Leaf Farm.
An easy travel project of a terribly simple scarf with Steelers yarn (best for bar knitting so you can say "RARR FOOTBALL!").
My Christmas Stocking....
A pair of socks for me with Knitterly Things self striping sock yarn.
Another pair of socks for me, with Mountain Colors sock yarn, it's delicious.
A baby blanket for a friend who may have already had the baby, haha.
A shop sample cowl, knit with luxious alpaca yarn.
Another Steelers scarf, but for my mother.
A sweater for myself. Customfit, on a US size 2....

So these are my projects. I have some work cut out for me, but I'm optimistic. They're all already started. This helps! Now just to finish, hahaha.

Until next time, and I'll post update photos as we go.

To 2018!

<3 Carly

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Christmas Hard

Hi Folks!

I've missed blogging. It's a way to write a diary, it's a way to share your mini victories, loss, confusion, and anything in between. So here's my story right now.

I'm a bartender, knitter, yarn dyer, and loving my life. It's really weird to think about. I loved going to college and learning, economics was truly an interesting subject to study. I thought I wanted that life after college of working and career life, but the more time I spent in the office job, the more I thought, "Is this it?" I went to school for 4 years, I studied my butt off (had a lot of fun with my friends too!), to wake up early every day, sit in rush hour traffic, find things to do, go to lunch, find things to do, sit in rush hour traffic, maybe hit up a ballet class if I was feeling down, knit, watch tv, read.

I was reading a book at my first job out of college. Revisit my What Makes You Smile post for the full story again.

Now today, I was sent a job posting by a great friend. She means well and it even made me get my computer out (who uses them anymore when our phones do so much?!), readjust my resume, and then I opened the apply page and froze. I thought to myself, do I want to work an office job again? I texted a few friends, had them remind me of my sadness in an office, searched blog posts, articles and quizzes. Then I remembered my moment. The moment I wanted to be known in the knitting world, to dye yarn, to knit whenever I wanted. I didn't apply to the job.

Sometimes I take my bartending job too seriously, but that's ok. It helps me pay the bills and that's why I have a job. What I need to remember is that I took this job to focus on my knitting. To soar in the field I want.

I may not have the "normal" career path, but I'm totally ok with that. I am happy that I can sleep in every day. That I can get the dishes done, vacuum and eat properly. I have a semi regular schedule, and I feel bad that my boyfriend goes to bed without me sometimes, but I feel so much happier not being drained in a closed in office. It seems so silly, but I'm happy.

With all my working, I've done Christmas real hard. I went to Monroeville, Shadyside, Strip District, Market Square, Settler's Ridge, all in one day. It was a lot of driving. I got a lot of gifts. I'm totally done shopping, all I have to do is knit. And I wanted to share the blog post first. I couldn't help but share with someone my realization once again.

Don't get down on yourself because you don't have a normal career path. Be happy being you, and I couldn't be happier being me.

<3 Carly

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Never Regret

As an off and on blogger, and always wanting to be more on blogger, I never regret anything I do.

I must explain this a little more because you're probably wondering why I would care to share this period.

Well, my favorite quote is "Never regret anything because at one point it was exactly what you wanted."

I hold to this. It may collide with another belief I have, of everything does happen for a reason, and we wouldn't be here without going there to make the decision to be here right now.

Great example. My apartment was a craigslist ad that had NO PICTURES. How many people go for those? Or actually respond to those? Well, I was doing searches with ONLY pictures and somehow something came up without a picture, I called, I saw it, I LOVED IT! It happened for a reason. And I don't regret calling that ad. I know that's a pretty lucky one, so let's go with another example that isn't all smiles the whole time. My junior year of college. The best and worst year of college. I had amazing friends, I loved my classes, and everything was great! Except I didn't believe in love, or that I deserved it. I had some rough nights on feelings and a lot of deep talks with girlfriends. By nearly the end of the year, I finally realized that I do deserve to be happy. And wouldn't you know it, I found a guy that makes me smile and ridiculously happy. It's another happy ending, but the length of that no regrets, is a lot longer than calling an ad and seeing an apartment. It was also in those dark nights that I found that quote and realized that I didn't regret anything I had done. It was one aspect of my life that was harder, and weird, but it didn't mean I regretted it

The frank point of it all is that, no matter what we do, we're doing it because we want to. And when we realize we don't want something anymore, we might back off or even worse, say we wish we never had done it in the first place. This is so hard because how would you have known you weren't going to love doing something or whatever it is you wish you never did in the first place? We must experience what we have built up in our head, and if we don't, we realize it wasn't what we wanted. But no one can talk you out of that! I wouldn't want to try. I want us all to have that satisfactory realization that "I want something, but it isn't this". I think it's beautiful that we can get closer to our dreams, without anyone's help, but more with our own exploration.

Now I hope this wasn't too deep for you. It's something that I believe hard in and it's that pillow I made that sits on my bed everyday.

Do you have anything that you don't regret because you wanted it?

P.S. I still want a tattoo with no regrets, I was thinking the back of my neck. Some of you might say I'd regret that ;) hehe

<3 Carly

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

All the Stitches

Once I finished those 2 projects, I got startitis and decided to start cranking out other projects. Literally, these are going so fast!

But here's what you all have been anticipating, my finished sweater!

It is so cozy and warm and just in the nick of time for all this snow :)

Now the projects I am working on now are 1 for me and 1 for a gift. I am trying to make 2015 the year of extremely selfish knitting, and thus far I am doing well.

The project for me is this Geometry Infinity Scarf. I've been waiting to use this yarn for a long time, and this pattern just looked perfect for it! Now I made a modification already to the pattern. It calls for using 2 fingering weights held together (same yarn, just 2 strands held together). I am using a DK weigh instead and not holding 2 strands, just using the 1.

I've been doing so much basic knitting, and stockinette stitch over and over again, it is so nice to have something change every row and not really be challenged, but to have a flowing pattern. It's written really nicely. I then have a provisional cast on because it will be a seamless infinity scarf :)

The other project I am working on is a gift for another girl expecting at work. I didn't realize that in the less than 2 years at my office, that this would be the 4th pregnancy. 4th! I should have done a hat and booties for the first one because now it's tradition that everyone gets a blanket :/..... It's ok, this blanket is loads of fun! Hehe, THIS BOOK!!! I cannot tell you how often I use this book. It is never on its' shelf, I am always using it! The funny thing is, I haven't even done all the patterns yet! It just has so many great basic knits and techniques, that I use it that often.

Anyway, here is the blanket I am working on.

Now believe it or not, I haven't done entrelac before, but boy do I like it! Now a lot of folks did this in different colors like the pattern says. I of course like to modify if you couldn't tell yet, and decided to pick this yarn that stripes on its own, but also seems more ombre when done up this fashion.

To completely change the subject, I just have to say, with this being the 4th pregnancy in the office, I know way too much about folks being pregnant and what that all entails.... It's becoming quite scaring and I'm starting to think thoughts of Why do people even procreate when they know that this happens? I've made a lot of baby things in the past 2 years because there have been so many babies, but I think it's made me a little uneasy. I'm young, so I have plenty of time to think about whether or not I want to go down that path, but I just want to warn all of you that are going into that time of life where everyone has babies. Take deep breathes, thank whatever you believe in that it's not you yet, and focus on them being happy. It is fun, but at the same time, I'm glad I can sleep through the entire night and that all my clothes fit for 9 consecutive months without having to shop for new ones ;)

Until next time,

XOX Carly

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Finished 2 Projects! Finishitis Extended

Kathy's Kreations sent the yarn out so fast that I got it Friday and I was able to work my little fingers so quick that I not only finished that project, but my sweater that I've been dying to wear as well! I was hoping to wash and block the sweater Monday evening and give it a whole day and a half to dry to be able to wear it fresh on Wednesday, butttt it looks like I will wait it out and wear it Saturday to show off at Kid Ewe Knot. :)

This is the project that I was waiting for yarn. I love how it turned out. The pattern was straight forward and I loved watching the project grow from that perspective. It's a diagonal baby blanket, and truly, I liked it more than the others I've done. Even though it was so simple! This is a Valentine's gift for a special little one that I haven't met yet, but so excited that they are here ;)

I wanted to have more pictures of the sweater all done for you but sadly I haven't gotten around to it yet... It's busy drying (and my precious Luna is watching it dry, haha. Does anyone else's cat love to watch things drip dry on a drying rack? Luna gets excited about it. It's too cute what she finds fun.).

Next time I promise to have more pictures to share!

<3 Carly

Thursday, February 5, 2015

A Case of Finishitis

If you are a knitter and you know what finishitis is, you know it doesn't come around a whole lot. It is a rare bug we catch and when we have it, we run with it.

I have so many projects that are on the verge of finishing, that I am trying so hard to finish them all. And right now, haha.

The one that I worked on last night and the night before is for my cousin's little baby girl.

So here is my problem... I'm out of yarn! This is bad when you have a case of finishitis. You want to complete your project, yet there just isn't anymore supplies! Why didn't I buy 2 skeins of yarn? Because it was a big ball and folks said just one would do. This is false because I make big baby blankets, haha. I just want them to be snuggled :)

After calling literally every shop in town, I found one that will ship it to me :) (Kathy's Kreations is just a little way from home. Adorable shop in Ligonier, but long drive for one quick stop). She'll send it out in the mail today, and I'm hoping it'll be here by the weekend so I can finish this baby.

Other things that are close to being done, my Oatmeal Pullover, my BFF socks, and then I can allow myself to cast on more projects!!! I want to knit up with my yarn that I just dyed! I'm thinking I'll do this for it... What do you think?

<3 Carly